Love Yazılı Tunik-Mint

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Ürün ve Kumaş Özellikleri

Love Yazılı Tunik modelimize bayılacaksınız. Uzun gömlek formundaki bu tunik modeliyle en cool kombinler sizi bekliyor. Üzerinde bulunan baskı deseni ile farklılık katıyor. Bol pantolonlar, jean modelleriyle casual kombinler yapabileceğiniz bu parçayı etek ve elbiselerle de eşleştirebilirsiniz. Nefes alan yeni nesil kumaş dokusu sayesinde yaz aylarında sağladığı konforla vazgeçilmeziniz olacak tunik modelini her mevsim rahatlıkla kombinlerinize dahil edebilirsiniz.

Ürün Özellikleri: Baskılı, çift cepli, yırtmaç detaylı, uzun, gömlek tunik.

Kumaş Özellikleri: %35 POLYESTER %5 LIKRA %60 VISKON

Ürün Ölçüleri ve Manken Bilgileri

  M L
Boy   102 102  102 
Göğüs 59  61  63 
Ürün Ölçüleri (cm) olarak hesaplanmıştır.

Model Bilgileri: Boy: 1,68 Göğüs:85 Bel:70 Basen:95  

How Do I Track My Cargo?


You will receive an e-mail with the subject "Your Delivery Information" to your e-mail address that your cargo is automatically delivered to the Cargo Company by our website. This e-mail contains your products, delivery address, delivery information and cargo company information. At the bottom of our e-mail, there is the Sender Cargo company and the Tracking Number opposite.

You can also track the status of your cargo with this tracking number or your order number.

Since your cargo information is sent by e-mail, our customers who are not registered in our system and do not have e-mail information can learn their order numbers from our customer representatives and they can inquire about the cargo status with the information they receive from our customer representatives.

1. How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by calling customer support or by sending a message / email.


2. What is the return procedure?

If for any reason you wish to return a product you ordered after receiving it, you may return it within 14 days from the date you received it.

You can open a refund request in the "Order" section of the "My Account" section by logging into your account. Here you can create a return code and send it to us using "!" and "!" after it has been confirmed by an authorized person. You must send the goods in full and undamaged condition in the package, with the box, packing and accessories, if any. Returns received without invoice will not be accepted. In order to validate a return, the product must remain eligible for resale (unrepaired, unused, uncontaminated, unwashed, not ironed, etc.).

The item is opened within 5-7 business days after receiving it and the return / exchange process begins. If the refund request is approved after the required product checks, the refund will be reflected in your bank account within seven (7) business days.

The result of the return / exchange request is sent to your registered phone number. The refund will be transferred to your debit / credit card with which you paid for the order.

3. What products cannot be returned / exchanged?



4. Do I pay shipping fees when I return an item?

You can return goods free of charge using "!"and "!". Refund fees are covered by modaMeslina.


5. Can I return products purchased with a campaign?

If campaign products are returned, a deduction is made at the discount on the amount to be returned because the campaign was disrupted.


6. I want to return my item. Should I return a gift item that was in my order?

If you return a purchased item, you should also send the gift item that was in your order. If you do not wish to return your gift, the refund will be deducted from the amount of the gift item. If you want to change your item, you do not have to send the gift item.


7. I do not see a refund in my account. What to do?

This situation is related to your bank. Your bank may not immediately reflect the refund to your account. After the return procedure, you can contact your bank along with the reference number sent to you via SMS. If you have any problems with the return process; You can get detailed information by sending an email to or by calling our support service on +90 850 259 14 06.


8. Can I get the items that I canceled again?

If the items you canceled are available in stock, you can reorder.


9. What address should I return to?

You can send the items you wish to return to our "Merkez District Gazi Osman Paşa St. Ünlü St. Number:28-30B Güngören/İstanbul" address.